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Registration of Hajj  (Application by Malaysian Citizens residing outside Malaysia) - Departure from the country of residence


1.1 Application for Hajj is also open to Malaysian citizens who currently live outside Malaysia and who have active TH account. The application can be made for the intended Hajj of that particular year.

1.2 Applicants are responsible to apply for Hajj Visa from the Saudi Arabia Embassy in the country they reside.

1.3 All applications for Hajj are close on the 30th Syawal every year

1.4 Applicants must be Malaysian citizens staying outside Malaysia

1.5 Applicants must possess TH account and the amount must be enough for the Hajj payment

1.6 Applicants who registered earlier while they were in Malaysia, must cancel their registration immediately because only one (1) registration number is allowed

1.7 Female applicants must be accompanied by their husband or Mahram. A certified letter stating the relationship of the Mahram should be obtained from the Malaysian Consulate; and, the letter must be brought while performing the Hajj

1.8 Prior to making the application, prospective pilgrims are required to seek advice and clarification from the Saudi Arabia Embassy regarding the Hajj procedures. This is to ensure that there will be no problems pertaining to visa, medical examination requirement, fees and so forth. For further inquiries, please visit the website at http://www.mofa.gov.sa .


NO Category Hajj Payment 1435H
1. Adult RM 9,024.00
2. Children (Below 15 years) RM 9,024.00

2.1   Prospective pilgrims must make sure the amount for their Hajj payment is sufficient. This can be done via:

2.1.1 Cash deposit, local cheques or bank drafts deposited into the pilgrims' TH account 

2.1.2 Banks or collection agencies appointed by TH.

2.2 All payments shown above are for services rendered to Muassasah pilgrims based on specific dates determined by TH. The costs are for:

2.2.1 Accommodations in Makkah and Madinah - sharing basis with 5-6 people per room. Males and females are separated. The approximate distance to Masjidil Haram and to Masjidil Nabawi is about 1000 meters. 

2.2.2 Packed lunch and dinner for the entire stay in the Holy Land

2.2.3 Accommodations and meals while in Madinatul Hujjaj, Jeddah; and, the transportation cost from Madinatul Hujjaj to the Airport.

2.3 Since the Hajj payment indicated above only covers the above stated items, pilgrims are encouraged to bring extra money - at least SR50 a day for personal expenses while being in the Holy Land. For pilgrims who are performing Tamattuk or Qiran Hajj, expiations (dam) will have to be paid. Approximate cost per expiation (dam) is around SR350.00.

2.4 Apart from all Hajj payments indicated above, pilgrims are also required to prepare two (2) bank drafts payable to 'UNITED AGENTS JEDDAH' (The fees shown below are based on the Hajj year 1432H): 


Pilgrims Category

Bank Draft 1

Bank Draft 2



SR 594.00

SR 435.00


Children (2-15 Years)

SR 297.00

SR 217.50

2.5       The 1st Bank Draft is for the Mutawwif service.

2.6       The 2nd Bank Draft is for bus services.

2.7       If the services rendered are not fully utilized or there are changes on the travelling dates, there will be no refunds made. Instead, additional fees may be imposed if there are changes on the travelling dates (for instance: travelling during peak season versus non-peak season).


3.1       Applicants are responsible to apply for Hajj Visa from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia at their country of residence or the nearby country available.

3.2       All terms and conditions set by the Saudi Embassy at the place of residence must be followed. All applications must be submitted with the following documents:

3.2.1       Confirmed returned flight tickets to Jeddah (as described in item 5 below)

3.2.2       Two (2) colored photos (size 6 cm x 4 cm) with white background

3.2.3       International or Diplomatic passport 

3.2.4 Certified and supporting letters from the Malaysian Consulate where the applicants reside.

3.2.5 Two (2) bank drafts  payable to 'UNITED AGENTS JEDDAH' (as described in  items 2.4 to 2.6 above).

3.2.6 International Health examination book/card with certified information on Anti-Meningitis Meningococcal Quadrivalent ACYW-135 immunization and other additional immunizations as required by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia (KBDRAS).

3.2.7 If the prospective pilgrims are granted a diplomatic visa for visit (ziarah), they have to obtain a notation "To Perform Hajj" on the visa sticker.

3.3 All applicants are required to confirm their VISA status to TH at least 15 days before their departure to the Holy Land, or by the 1st Zulkaedah (which ever date is the earliest). Failing to comply with this requirement, the applications to perform Hajj in that particular year will be nullified or void. Cancellation charges will be debited into the applicants' account (refer item 8 discussed below).


4.1       Applicants must do a basic health examination such as blood pressure, blood type and urine test to know their health condition

4.2       Applicants will also need to get the following injections/immunizations:

4.2.1 Anti Meningitis Meningococcal Quadrivalent ACYW-135

4.2.2 Any additional immunizations imposed by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia

4.3       Health examination and immunizations must be done by authorized medical officers who must certify and endorse all details of medical examination and immunizations given. The official medical officer's name, designation and department should also be stamped on the International Health Book/Card


5.1      Applicants are responsible to secure their confirmed flight tickets - to and from Jeddah International Airport, within the stipulated time period:

5.1.1 If the prospective pilgrims choose to go to Madinah before Wuquf, they will need to arrive at Jeddah between 1st Zulkaedah and 15th Zulkaedah.

5.1.2 If the prospective pilgrims choose to go straight to Makkah before Wuquf, they will need to arrive at Jeddah between 16th Zulkaedah and 29th Zulkaedah.

5.1.3 If the prospective pilgrims choose to go to Madinah before Wuquf, or choose not to go to Madinah, the pilgrims can leave Saudi Arabia from 17th Zulhijjah until 10th Muharram.

5.1.4 If the prospective pilgrims choose to go to Madinah after Wuquf, the earliest date to enter Madinah is on or after 21st Zulhijjah; and, they can leave Saudi Arabia from 25th Zulhijjah until 10th Muharram.

5.2 At least 15 days before the date of departure or on 1st Zulkaedah (whichever date comes first), Hajj applicants are responsible to confirm their flight schedule with TH. If the applicants fail to comply with this requirement, TH will consider that the applicants have cancelled their intention to perform Hajj in that particular year. Cancellation charges will be debited into the applicants' account (please refer to item 8 discussed below).

5.3 Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, applicants are responsible to re-confirm their returning flight status with the respective airlines as soon as they possibly can. 

5.4 If the applicants plan to purchase a domestic flight ticket from Jeddah to Madinah, they must ensure that the rates are for Hajj Visa holder. It should be noted that the flight rate is different between those travelling on Hajj Visa than those holding other travelling Visa. Domestic flight rates are usually cheaper than that of regular flight rates. 

5.5 If the applicants purchase a wrong flight ticket, the Saudi Arabian Airlines will not accept the ticket and the confirmed seat will also be cancelled.


 6.1 Upon arrival at the Airport in Jeddah or Madinah

TH officers will be waiting for the arrival of the pilgrims at the Jeddah or Madinah Airport. All pilgrims are required to:

6.1.1 bring along the telephone number and address of TH office in Saudi Arabia (refer also item 13.2 below)

6.1.2 proceed to the gathering area or bay (look for the Malaysian flag) at the Hajj Terminal

6.2  Trip to Madinah

6.2.1 For pilgrims who choose to go to Madinah before Wuquf, they will be taking the same bus with other Malaysian pilgrims awaiting there 

6.2.2 They will wear their ihram attire in Madinah and will make their intention for Hajj or Umrah at the Station (miqat) - that is, at the Station of Zulhulaifah or now known as Bir Ali. The station (miqat) is situated about 10 kilometers from the city of Madinah. Pilgrims can start making their intention as soon as their transportation leaves their lodging site in Madinah.

6.2.3 Pilgrims will also ride the same bus with pilgrims from other countries when travelling from Jeddah to Madinah. TH officers will only be waiting for the Malaysian pilgrims at Madinah Bas Terminal to welcome them.

6.3 Trip to Makkah

6.3.1 For pilgrims who choose to go straight to Makkah before Wuquf, they will need to wear their ihram attire before boarding the plane or from the last airport before leaving for Jeddah. While being in the airplane, the pilgrims can make their intention to be in the state of ihram for Hajj or Umrah, before or while the flight passes the Station (miqat). 

6.3.2 The intention to be in the state of ihram for Hajj or Umrah can also be made once the pilgrims board the plane. This is to avoid from them forgetting to make the intention, or from them falling asleep when the plane crosses the Station (miqat). 

6.3.3 Pilgrims will also share the same bus ride with pilgrims from other countries when travelling from Jeddah to Makkah. TH officers will only be waiting for the Malaysian pilgrims at Makkah Bas Terminal to welcome them.


7.1 Pilgrims need to follow all rules, trip itinerary and services rendered by TH and the Arab Saudi officials 

7.2 Pilgrims are subject to the flight schedule arranged and confirmed by them

7.3 If the pilgrims make any changes on their travel plan or accommodation, there will be additional costs imposed on them

7.4 All additional costs will be borne by the pilgrims

7.5 Pilgrims cannot make claims for services provided that they do not use while they are in the Holy Land


Pilgrims, who make Hajj cancellation after TH has made all the necessary Hajj registrations, will be charged 40% of their Hajj payment. 

Hajj cancellation also applies if applicants fail to comply to all the regulations stated and discussed above including matters on Hajj Visa (item 3) and Flight Schedules (item 5).


9.1     At the Holy Land, all pilgrims will be managed by the Maktab Muassasah Asia Tenggara while in Makkah, Arafah and Mina, and will be managed by the Muassasah Adilla' while in Madinah.

9.2     There will be TH officers and medical teams who will be providing services such as:

9.2.1        Welcoming the pilgrims to the Holy Land

9.2.2        Managing transportation from Jeddah to Madinah and Makkah including Arafah and Mina via the Nagabah (Bus Consortium)

9.2.3        Arranging for accommodation

9.2.4        Arranging for lunch and dinner

9.2.5        Providing guidance and Islamic talk

9.2.6        Providing medical treatment at clinics and hospitals

9.2.7        Accepting payments for expiations (dam)

9.2.8        Providing counters for information and/or complaints

9.2.9        Providing counseling and specialist services

9.2.10      Providing saving and withdrawal counters (Saudi Riyal - SR)

9.2.11      Arranging for visits of Madinah (as stated in the schedule)

9.2.12      Managing funerals



10.1 Pilgrims need to notify their departure time and date to the Maktab Supervisor while they are in Makkah, or the Zone Supervisor while they are in Madinah, no later than 3 days before their return date. 

10.2 All returning flights for Hajj pilgrims will be from the KAAIA International Terminal, Jeddah. Hence, all pilgrims are responsible to discuss and make arrangement with the Maktab Supervisor or the Zone Supervisor regarding their transportation to the terminal. Pilgrims can either check-in directly at the KAAIA International Terminal or they can register at Madinatul Hujjaj, Jeddah.

10.3 If the pilgrims choose to personally check-in at the KAAIA International Terminal:

10.3.1 Pilgrims are fully responsible to arrange for their check-in to their final destinations.

10.3.2 The transportation cost from Makkah or Madinah to the KAAIA International Terminal is to be borne by the pilgrims.

10.3.3 Pilgrims need to be at the KAAIA International Terminal at least 6 hours before departure or earlier, depending on the congestion at the terminal. 

10.4 If the pilgrims choose to check in at the Madinatul Hujjaj, Jeddah:

10.4.1 They will share a bus ride to the terminal with other Pilgrims from another Maktab if available; or

10.4.2 They can share a ride to the terminal using any transportation rented by Muassasah; and, the cost will be borne by the Hajj pilgrims

10.4.3 Pilgrims need to check-in at least 18 hours before the departure of their flight

10.4.4 TH officers in Jeddah will arrange for the pilgrims' accommodations, meals, transportation and check-in from Madinatul Hujjaj to KAAIA International Terminal.


11.1   Souvenir items such as knapsacks, sling bags and Hajj identification bracelets will be handed to the pilgrims upon their arrival. If they arrive at KAAIA Terminal in Jeddah, these items will be handed by the TH officers; and, if they arrive in Makkah, the Maktab manager will be giving out these items.

11.2 TH does not provide any zam-zam water on the airlines. Pilgrims will have to make their own arrangement should they wish to bring along zam-zam drinks. Pilgrims are also advised to observe the airline regulations about carrying liquid on the flights.


12.1     If there is any death among the pilgrims, the funeral arrangement will be managed by the Muassasah; and, it will be monitored by the TH officers.  The deceased is not allowed to be brought out from the Holy Land or to be buried elsewhere.

12.2     A TH officer or National Registration Office will notify the family / relatives about  the death.

12.2     A TH personnel or the National Registration Office will notify the loss to the beneficiary as stated in the application form.  


13.1 Pilgrims need to notify the Hajj Consulate at TH, Jeddah and the Manager (Visa) at the Domestic Operations pision, TH Kuala Lumpur at least 15 days before their departure to Jeddah. The following information need be provided via telephone, e-mail or fax:

13.1.1 Date and time of arrival at Jeddah.

13.1.2 Flight carriers and flight numbers

13.1.3 Number of Hajj pilgrims arriving

13.1.4 Types of Visa (Hajj or Diplomatic Visa) obtained

Number TH JEDDAH Domestic Operations pision (K.L.) TH Contact Centre (THCC)
Telephone : 009662-6876715
Fax : 009662-6301667
03-21635046 03-77284959
E-mail :   operasidomestik@lth.gov.my th-info@lth.gov.my
Address : Consulate General of Malaysia
Wisma Tabung Haji
24 Al-Bab Al-Zahabi Street,
Behind Jamjoom Motors Workshop,
Kilo 5, Old Makkah Road,
P.O. Box 593,
JEDDAH 21421,
General Manager
Bahagian Operasi Domestik
Lantai 30, Bangunan Tabung Haji,
201, Jalan Tun Razak,




14.1 TH has the right to alter, change, add or cancel any rules and regulations that are stipulated in the brochure from time to time without prior notice. 

14.2 TH will not be responsible or liable for any accident, loss and/or damage of lives and/or properties due to flood, fire, war, storm, earthquake, or any other types of difficulties and hardships while the pilgrims are performing their Hajj in the Holy Land. Any types of claims and/or refunds made by pilgrims due to any mishaps and/or incidents stated above will not be compensated by the TH.