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Guidance Division


  1. To increase knowledge and understanding on Hajj, Umrah and Ziarah
  2. To increase awareness of the real situation in the Holy Land
  3. To create committed members of a religious conscious community after returning from performing their Hajj

Guidance Services

Malaysian Pilgrims' Development Programme

Responsible to coordinate and provide integrated guidance module through the following programmes:

  1. Basic Hajj Course
  2. Intensive Hajj Course
  3. Special Hajj Course
  4. Prime Hajj Course


i. Basic Hajj Course (KAH)

The first stage of the hajj course to be attended by the pilgrims before departing for the Holy Land is the Basic Hajj Course. The classes start in the month of Rabiulawal every year and held every weekend for 2 hours for each session (Total 17 series).

Basic Hajj Course is held at mosques around the country with collaboration between TH and the mosque committee (State Department of Islamic Development). The course module covers the basic knowledge related to Hajj Rituals, Healthcare and Hajj Management in Malaysia and the Holy Land.

Participants are not limited to the pilgrims selected for the current year, but participation is open to all individuals who are interested to learn about the affairs of the hajj and umrah. Those interested must register with the respective mosque that organizes the Hajj programme.

ii. Intensive Hajj Course

The second stage of the course is the Intensive Hajj Course which is held in the month of Rejab and Syaaban every year.

This course is held for two days and it focuses on the practical aspects of the Hajj and Umrah rituals. The modules include Hajj Rituals, Health Care and Hajj Management while in Malaysia and the Holy Land.

Only the pilgrims selected to perform Hajj in the current year are invited to attend this course by the TH State or District Office.

iii. Special Hajj Course

This course is an extension to the Intensive Hajj Course. It is held for 1 day and stresses on practical exercise of Hajj rituals in a smaller and focused group.

The course participants are those who had attended the Intensive Hajj Course held earlier, but scored 39% and below in the test of understanding Hajj rituals. In addition, prospective Hajj pilgrims, who are selected at the last minute, are also invited to attend this course.

TH State or District Office will issue a letter of invitation to the pilgrims involved.

v. Prime Hajj Course

The Prime Hajj Course is the final course to be attended by all pilgrims who have been selected to perform Hajj in the current year. It is held in the month of Syawal in every state and it gathers all pilgrims from all districts of the state.

This one-day course provides more practical hajj and umrah exercise in a larger congregation. It involves simulated Hajj activities such as ‘staying for a while' (Mabit) and ‘casting of pebbles' at night. The pilgrims will spend a night at the venue of the course

Only the prospective pilgrims selected to perform Hajj in the current year are invited to attend this course by the TH State or District Office.

Development Programme – Pengkursus Tanah Air (PEKTA) / PembimbingIbadah Haji Tanah Suci (PIHTAS)

1.Programme for Trainers / Hajj Facilitators

The preparation and implementation of the Development Programmes for Trainers and Hajj Facilitator are as follows:

  1. Hajj Rituals Evaluation Workshops
  2. Muzakarah Haji Peringkat Kebangsaan
  3. Intensive Classes on Tafaqquh Hajj and Umrah
  4. Intensive Courses for the Holy Land Hajj Facilitators (PIHTAS)
  5. Training of Trainers (TOT) courses for new Hajj Facilitators

These programs are organized to produce knowledgeable, resourceful, and consistent Hajj Trainers and Facilitators (PEKTA / PIHTAS) who are capable to guide the prospective pilgrims effectively and efficiently before these pilgrims performing their Hajj / Umrah, and while they are in the Holy Land.

Those who have followed this program successfully will be awarded a ‘Permission Letter' by TH, authorizing or permitting them to train and facilitate prospective pilgrims.

To ensure that the ‘Permission Letter' does not expire, Hajj trainers and facilitators (PEKTA / PIHTAS) are required to renew their ‘Permission Letter' by completing the form Brg/PH/HB/05-05 (revised 3/2012),

(List of Hajj Trainers / Facilitators who have been given permission to teach)

2. The appointment of PEKTA (Hajj Trainers)

Application is made through the TH State or District office by completing this form - Brg/PH/HB/05-03 (revised 3/2012). All applicants must meet the following criteria before completing the form:

  1. Have already performed the Hajj and Umrah
  2. Hold a valid teaching credential, validated by the State Department of Islamic Development
  3. Have a religious educational background with at least 4 Thanawi or equivalent
  4. Are not involved in any businesses related to bringing pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah

Applicants will take a written and oral test before being appointed as Hajj Trainers (PEKTA).

3. The Appointment of PIHTAS (Hajj Facilitators)

  1. Must be State or district Hajj facilitators, and be nominated by the TH State Director
  2. Have been certified by the Guidance Division
  3. Have attended Muzakarah Hajj (within the last 3 years)
  4. Have passed the PIHTAS interview
  5. Not involve in businesses related to carrying pilgrims for Hajj/Umrah
  6. Healthy and below the age of 60

4. Hajj Advisory Committee (TH-JAKIM)

The committee consists of 10 members, who are scholars and academicians with skills and expertise in various Islamic knowledge and disciplines. The General Manager of Hajj Guidance is the secretary of this committee.

Responsiblities of the committee include the followings:

  1. Decide on the laws and regulations related to all issues pertaining to Hajj
  2. Make recommendations to the TH Management on issues related to Hajj affairs and administration
  3. Reviews and verifies the Hajj publications issued by TH
  4. Serve as the Hajj  Expert Council for the Malaysian pilgrims

(List of Hajj Advisory Committee (TH-JAKIM))

5. Additional Services - Badal Hajj

Hajj Badal Hajj is fulfilled by one person on behalf of another person in accordance with stipulated conditions. Badal Hajj is TH additional service for the depositors.

TH will open registration for Badal Hajj in the month of Rejab every year. The registration process can be made at all TH branch offices. Actual date of registration will be announced soon. Registration is limited to only 3000 people (throughout Malaysia). Registration is open on "first come first serve" basis.

Badal Hajj registration fee is RM2500 and TH will debit the amount from the applicant's TH account. Upon completion of the Badal Hajj, TH will issue a certificate as well as give out gifts such as - kopiah, prayer mat, tasbih and head scarf for women after the Hajj operations of the current year.

6. Hujjaj Assembly (HISHAJ) Programme <Lists of venue>

Beginning from year 2012, TH Management has organized the Hujjaj Assembly (HISHAJ) programme, as a medium to gather all the pilgrims after they have performed their Hajj. The objective is to maintain and enhance the relationship built in the Holy Land among pilgrims, keep the spirit of brotherhood (ukhwah) in Islam and as a platform to exchange knowledge upon their return from the Holy Land.

7. The Hajj Guidance through Publication

Guidance Division also provides Hajj publications as follows:

1. Books

  • Book of Hajj, Umrah and Ziarah (in Malay and English version)
  • Book of Hajj, Umrah and Ziarah (Jawi)
  • Books - Q & A Hajj (Rumi)
  • Books - Q & A Hajj and Umrah (Jawi)
  • Pilgrim's Travel Guide
  • Book on Selected prayers in the Holy Land
  • Book on Hajj Rituals
  • Book on the Selected Wirid for Dhuyuf Al-Rahman

Handbook of Hajj, Umrah and Ziarah, Question and Answer Book of Hajj and Umrah, Collectibles of Sunat Prayers in the Holy Land and Selected wirid for Dhuyuf Al-Rahman are provided free of charge to selected pilgrims before they leave for the Holy Land

These books are also available to be purchased through book sales representative at bookstores and libraries

2. Publications in Electronic Media

  • ‘Seruan Haji' on RTM 1
  • 'Seruan Haji' on Radio Klasik Nasional.fm
  • ‘Lambaian Kaabah' on Radio Saluran IKIM.fm
  • VCD on ‘Panduan Ibadat Haji Tamattu', Ifrad dan Qiran'
  • VCD on ‘Panduan Perjalanan Haji'

3. Publications in Printed Media

  • Bicara Haji (Utusan Malaysia)

4. Fliers / Posters

  • Hajj Travel Brochure
  • Checklist Hajj / Umrah
  • The Holy Land Poster
  • Women - A Guide For Hajj Pilgrims

Pamphlets and the Hajj checklists are also provided free of charge to selected pilgrims before they leave for the Holy Land.

8. Tabung Haji's e-Book