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Hajj Q&A

Question 1 : Currently, how much does it cost to perform Hajj?


    - First Time RM 16,155 RM 6,175 RM 9.980
    - Has performed Hajj previous years RM 16,155 No RM 16,155

Question 2 : When and where are the Hajj Courses held?

Pilgrims can click here on-line or call THCC at 03-6207-1919 for the current schedule on Hajj courses. Hajj courses usually start in the month of Rabiulawal every year.

Question 3 : Does TH offer Hajj packages to the pilgrims for the current Hajj year?

The Hajj Packages are offered to interested pilgrims every year by TH Travel & Services Sdn. Bhd. (THTS) – a TH wholly-owned subsidiary company. For more information regarding the packages provided by THTS, please visit THTS website at www.thts.com.my or contact THTS at:

TH Travel & Services Sdn.Bhd (THTS)
Hajj Package Division,
24th Floor, Tabung Haji Building,
201 Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2162 4613 / 03-2163 3594
Fax: 03-2161 5664

E-mail: pakej.haji@thts.com.my

Question 4 : Do other travel agencies also offer Hajj Packages? What types of services are provided?

Yes, there are a number of Travel Agencies licensed by TH that offer Hajj packages. Click this link to see the list of Travel Agencies that offer Hajj packages for the current year.

Question 5 : Do travel agencies offer Umrah Packages? What types of services are provided?

Yes, there are numbers of Travel Agencies that offer Umrah packages. Click this link to see the list of Travel Agencies that offer Umrah packages for the current year. Sources are from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia Malaysia on 27 May, 2014.

Question 6 : I would like to know the Hajj registration requirements?


  • Malaysian citizen
  • Muslims
  • Depositor with a TH account
  • Must have a minimum of RM1,300 in TH account prior to Hajj registration

Question 7 : Where can the Hajj registration be done?

Hajj Registration can be made:

  • at any of TH Branches offices
  • through TH website: www.tabunghaji.gov my
  • at any Bank Islam Uniteller and Bank Rakyat branches
  • at ATM / CDM Maybank
  • at ATM BIMB

Question 8 : What are the documents needed for Hajj Registration?

Answer :
During registration, you need to bring:

  • myKad (identity document)
  • birth certificate - for children below 12 years old

Question 9 : Can I register for others?

You can only register for your spouse, children and parents, provided that you bring along the identification documents (myKad) of the person(s) whom you wish to register for. Copies of myKad can also be considered provided that other supporting documents (for example: birth certificates, marriage certificates and so forth) are made available to support proof of relationship.

Question 10 : I already have a TH account, does that mean I am already registered for Hajj?

No, having a TH account doesn't mean that you are automatically registered for Hajj. One of the conditions to register for Hajj is to own a depositor's account with TH. In addition, you must have a minimum of RM1,300 in your TH account before you can register for Hajj.

Question 11 : Is there any other alternative to register for Hajj even with insufficient fund in the TH account?

Yes, you can still register for Hajj through your EPF account.

Question 12 : What are the conditions for Hajj registration through EPF?

The conditions are similar to Hajj registration through TH account. You must, however, ensure that you have more than RM1,300 in your EPF account.

Question 13 : Recently I have returned from performing my Hajj last year. Can I re-register for hajj?

No, you can only re-register 5 years after returning from your last Hajj

Question 14 : I have a family of eight. What should I do if I want all my family members to perform Hajj at the same year together?

You can request for a Group Hajj Registration. The maximum number of family members allowed to be registered collectively is ten. All family members will have to be present to register at any of TH offices.

Question 15 : When do I need to make a passport for my Hajj?

Pilgrims who have received letter of offer from TH to perform hajj should make all necessary arrangements to get their international passport ready for their Hajj trip. The respective TH branch office will contact the pilgrims to hand-over their international passport at a specific period of time.

Question 16 : When does the first Hajj flight for 2014 start?

The first Hajj flight to the Holy Land for 1435H / 2014M will be on 27 August 2014.