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Salary Deduction

Salary Deduction Scheme is a facility provided by TH to enable depositors to save for themselves or their family on a monthly basis through payroll deduction. The scheme also aims to encourage parents to save for their children of all ages including newborn. In addition, deductions can be made for the spouse, parents, and siblings.


Benefits of Salary Deduction Scheme

  • Deposit can be made every month without having to come to the TH Office.
  • Children can become depositors of TH since they were born and has a saving through their parent's salary deduction scheme.
  • Able to cultivate an attitude of saving among the children and plan for their future.
  • For those who have a dream to perform Hajj Pilgrimage, the monthly saving on a regular basis will help to realise their dream.

Terms of Salary Deduction

  • Each applicant and family member should first become the TH depositors to get the account number before making a deposit through payroll deduction.
  • The minimum deduction is RM10.00.

Employer Payroll Deductions

Individuals may come to TH counter to get:
  1. Form (JP010)
  2. Form (JP010-01)

Completed Form JP010 and JP010-01 (TH's copy) are to be sent directly to TH. While copies of Form JP010 (employer section) shall be sent to their employers, and JP010 Form-01 (depositors section) is to be kept by the depositor.