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Departments & Functions

TH is led by eight departments with their own functions which are arranged in a systematic way to ensure an efficient and competent service to all parties

  • Office of Group Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer


    Public Affairs and Corporate Communications

    The functions of this department include planning and implementing the activities of internal and external relationships, disseminating accurate and timely information, coordinating image management and TH identity towards excellence.


    Provides corporate advisory services, drafting, review of legal documentations, litigation, investigation, preparation and prosecution of cases involving offenses under the Act 1995 and Regulations In Force and corporate and secretarial services.

    Internal Audit

    This division is responsible in carrying out activities independently, with an objective to add value and improve TH operations. It helps the organization to accomplish its objectives by introducing a systematic way to assess and improve organization's effectiveness in managing risk and integrity management.

    The Risk Management

    Responsible in implementing risk management culture actively and consistently at all levels of TH. It provides independent advice based on the concept of risk management in order to improve operational efficiency at TH. It also manages key risks in TH based on comprehensive Risk Management Framework.

    Integrity Divisions

    Shariah Divisions

  • Customer Service and Operations Department


    This department is responsible for all matters related to deposits and withdrawals of money either at the headquarter, district offices, state offices or agencies appointed by TH such as Bank Islam, Bank Simpanan Nasional and Post Offices.

    The department works towards strengthening and enhancing the marketing and service activities, in order to increase depositors' confidence in TH.

    Deposit and Withdrawals Division

    Manages depositors' accounts and records in a professional and trustworthy manner. Ensures satisfactory services to depositors, and increases their confidence level, hence they will continue to save in TH and create deposit and withdrawal service capability which enable transaction services to be made in both Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.

    Branch Office Operations

    This division manages the administration of TH branches in states and districts as to improve the quality of services and facilities provided to the depositors. It is responsible to ensure all depositors' money from designated banks is credited to TH account in the shortest time, in order to maximize the usage and investment of funds.

    Customer Service

    Plans and coordinates marketing strategies and activities to be implemented according to TH management's current goal. It is also is responsible to obtain depositors' perspective about the products and services provided by TH.

  • Hajj Department


    Provides services required to enable the Malaysian Muslims to perform the Hajj properly, in a safe and cost effective way, so as to obtain Mabrur hajj

    Domestic Operations Division

    Responsible in handling pilgrims, such as registration, allocation for passport, visa and coordination of flight management, with relation to a domestic Hajj operation

    Hajj Administration Division

    Provides management and operational infrastructure to enhance the quality of hajj and controls/coordinates the activities related to pilgrims' welfare according to their position as a Guest of Allah SWT.

    Guidance Division

    Responsible in providing guidance through an integrated hajj module, publishes hajj materials for pilgrims' references and provides a team of religious teachers to guide the pilgrims effectively.

    Hajj Agencies

    Responsible to organize a licensed "Pengelola Jemaah Haji" (PjH) under the provisions of section 27-36, TH Act 1995 and to enforce any breach of the section and to increase PjH's level of professionalism in performing hajj management.

    Hajj Research and Development

    This department is responsible to prepare, and control the research and development (R & D) activities from time to time based on available budget. It leads the ‘Pasukan Penggerak Utama' (PPU) and secretariat of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Hajj Services (QMS ISO PH) and other improvement initiatives. It carries out activities under the Academy of Hajj.

    Hajj Consul

    This division is responsible in establishing and maintaining good relationship between TH and the Saudi authorities with relation to hajj affairs, managing accommodations for Malaysian pilgrims, purchasing supplies for the pilgrims and to ensuring Umrah pilgrims under TH subsidiary are getting the best services promised.

  • Investment Department


    This department is responsible to ensure all investment activities are Shariah-compliant and aimed at providing competitive returns. It provides measures to diversify and strengthen its investment activities to increase profitability and to work towards mobilization of community funds, besides improving the production of goods and facilities that can be utilized by the public. Focus will be on the companies which are viable and efficient.

    The department strives to identify industrial sectors which have high potential in order to ensure successful investment.

  • Corporate Finance and Services (CFS) Department


    Corporate Finance and Services (CFS) Department is responsible in strengthening the stock and real estate investments of TH through a comprehensive evaluation of strategic opportunities, efficient and robust monitoring systems, rehabilitation and improvement of TH investment and regulatory corporate governance. In addition, CFS also serves to ensure that all restructuring and corporate actions on stocks and real estate investments are leveraged in the interest of TH.

  • Human Resources Department


    Department of Human Resources (HRD) develops the capacity to support the needs and objectives of the organization. HRD recruits workforce who is competent, confident and capable in increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the TH community, while promoting a healthy and competitive working culture. It creates a harmonious and productive working environment in accordance to the organization's needs.

    Human Resources Administration Division

    This division is responsible to carry out planning and recruitment process efficiently to ensure only positive, competitive and determined workforces are taken in as a members of the organization.

    Quality & Human Resource Development

    The division shapes and develops the training needs of the existing workforce from time to time, in a quest to improve employees' motivational level, skills and capabilities. It also acts as an agent of change to implement and ensure the principles of TQM (Total Quality Management) based on Quality Management System are embraced as a working culture by all members of TH.

    Industrial & Staff Relation

    This division is responsible to ensure harmonious relationship among TH staff while ensuring organization's regulation is well established and practiced by all employees. This division acts as an intermediary between the TH Management and TH staff.

    In general, this division was established to support and ensure that the aspirations and objectives of the organization are well received and supported by all levels of TH workforces.

  • Department of Property Management and Administration


    Department of Property Management and Administration seeks to raise revenue through higher earning by ensuring that the TH properties are well maintained and professionally administered. In addition, the department is also working on strengthening the procurement system, so that all goods and services obtained are in good quality with a reasonable price.

    Administration and Procurement

    This division is responsible in providing support in terms of communication and information management to all departments at the head offices and branches. It manages a centralized procurement process which is efficient, effective and profitable to ensure that TH achieves a good quality of services.

    Property Management Division

    This division seeks for a viable and halal property investment. It also coordinates rental and maintenance services for TH properties using the latest technology, so as to ensure spaces are fully rented and eventually provide maximum returns to TH.

  • Finance Department


    Finance Department (FD) is responsible to plan, formulate and prepare a budget for each department based on their needs, for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives effectively. In addition, this department plays an important role in getting maximum returns from short-term investments and building rentals. It is also responsible in managing the financial affairs of TH, in line with the requirements and sound financial control.

    Background and Functions of Finance Department

    FD is headed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and assisted by the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO) and three (3) Heads of the Division as follows:

    · Investment Services Division

    · Group Strategic Finance Management Division

    · Services Division

    The main functions of FD:

    1. Responsible in administering and managing financial control of TH, according to the policies set by TH.

    2. Develops policies and financial regulations for the implementation of effective and efficient systems and procedures which resulted in the best quality of work.

    3. Performs financial analysis in making effective financial decisions.

    4. Monitors, evaluates and improves financial operations according to an approved financial plan.

  • Department of Information Technology


    · Responsible to provide ICT services the organization based on the latest technology, efficiently and effectively.

    · Analyzes and performs feasibility studies to improve the control of information processing and management at all levels.

    · Creates a friendly ICT environment to improve the performance and productivity of employees at all levels.

    · Expands and improves the use of integrated and latest ICT which is compatible with other agencies.

    Enterprise Computer Operations (ECO)

    · Responsible in handling of operation activities through Application System, Data Processing, Depositors Record Management and Other Information.

    · Handles computer networks, office automation, such as email / internet and system implementation at Head Offices and Branches, including systems in the Holy Land.

    · Manages and implements Disaster Recovery Plan Business (Business Recovery Center (BRC))

    Strategic Planning & Governance (SPG)

    Handles application development and maintenance activities.

    Involves in the implementation of the Application System.

    Implements Application System improvement works.