Currently, how much does it cost to perform Hajj?

Type of Pilgrims:
Hajj Cost
Subsidy From TH
Hajj Fees
First Time RM 22,450 RM 12, 470 RM 9,980
Has Performed Hajj previous year RM 22,450 + SR 2,000 fee visa No RM 22,450 + SR 2,000 fee visa

*The Hajj cost above is not subject to change.

Can I register for others?

You can only register for your spouse, children and parents, provided that you bring along the identification documents (myKad) of the person(s) whom you wish to register for.

Copies of myKad can also be considered provided that other supporting documents (for example: birth certificates, marriage certificates and so forth) are made available to support proof of relationship.

Did TH pilgrims received the appeal and how?

Hajj appeal can be directly sent to 125 TH branches and TH UTC nationwide or by mail.

TH will issue a letter of receipt for hajj appeal in the current year and the applications is entered into the system for evaluation.

For any further information regarding hajj appeal, please call our call centre (THCC) at 03-6207 1919.

When do I need to make a passport for my Hajj?

Pilgrims who have received letter of offer from TH to perform hajj should make all necessary arrangements to get their international passport ready for their Hajj trip. The respective TH branch office will contact the pilgrims to hand-over their international passport at a specific period of time.

What are the steps took by TH in order to encounter the long-waiting queue issues to perform Hajj?

For the long queue issue, TH prepared the followings:-

  1. Re-registration of Hajj can only be made after 5 years (from the last time they performed hajj)
  2. TH will not offer any seats for registered children below 15 years old.
  3. Consideration and priority given to the pilgrims aged 75 years old and above, who never been to Holy Land and pass a medical checkup;
  4. The Hajj repeaters (as mahram, helper, accompanied) must pay in full.